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Low Stakes Testing

Low Stakes Testing is the use of instruments to evaluate a student’s performance before they appear for their final examination. It is usually done during the classroom sessions to make education more effective. The performance is evaluated so that students can make improvements in school and college. Teachers use low stakes testing to identify and improve their teaching methods for complete student engagement.

Low stakes testing involves the use of classroom quizzes, assignments, critical-thinking exercises, etc. These tools have little impact on the student’s marks. The purpose of using this method is to make sure that the students are continuously involved in the learning process. Some students find certain subjects difficult, but if given proper attention, they can perform well in that. Low stakes testing makes sure that all the subjects are covered in a creative environment.

This testing concept makes sure that students are allowed to try, learn, fail, and succeed. Students must make mistakes to understand where they are heading. This method helps the students reach their full potential. Such students are more likely to accept failure, and make improvements for the final assessment. These instruments are not restricted to academics, but can also be used in other areas like sports, music, or drama.

This concept also bridges a gap between student and teacher relationship. Students can openly raise their concerns, and communicate their opinions. Low stakes testing also improves class attendance, because of its creative and engaging nature. The feedback of students from teachers helps their parents understand the performance of their children.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology