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Long Term Memory

Long term memory is the memory that individuals can store in their brains for a long duration. This type of memory is usually stable and can last for long periods, or even years. It can be further divided into two types: explicit memory and latent memory. All memories available in consciousness are classified as explicit memories, also known as declarative memories. Explicit memory can be divided into two types: episodic memory and semantic memory. These almost unconscious memories are known as implicit memory. An example of this type of memory is procedural memory. This includes the memory of body movements and the processing of things in the environment. Procedural memory includes driving a car and using a computer. Long term memory is often hidden from consciousness. This information is largely hidden from our consciousness but can be accessed and stored in working memory for later use. Some memories are easy to remember, while others are much more difficult. The material of short-term memory is inherited by long-term memory through association and repetition. Long-term memory can last from days to decades. First of all, the way memory was first encoded can have a big impact. If you were completely awake and conscious at the time of the event, your memory will be much clearer. Memory strength and duration can be affected by how often you visit it. The memories you remember frequently and as expected tend to be long-lasting and strong.

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