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Logical Intelligence

Logical Intelligence is the ability of an individual to think logically, analyse, and reach the conclusion to a problem. It enables a student to establish a relationship between two or more complex objects. It helps in understanding difficult mathematical concepts. It is also referred to as Mathematical Intelligence. Such students have a high ability to deduce and solve questions logically.

Students with high logical intelligence have some defining characteristics. They have a natural inclination towards mathematical numbers and enjoy working with them. They can also apply these concepts to scientific studies successfully. These students like to do critical thinking on their own. They also like solving riddles and complicated puzzles. Such students tend to perform experimental learning to test their logical abilities.

Some of the famous personalities with high logical intelligence are Sir Issac Newton, Charles Dickens, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, to name a few. These personalities have contributed to global scientific research and development. Their logical skills helped them to deduce and detect patterns in mathematics. It is a vital part of the problem-solving activity with an open and creative mind.

Some students are born with logical intelligence, while others can develop it in their life. Either way, this trait can be easily identified in a student. It will lead to the overall growth of the student. Students, if given the right counselling, can understand their true potential. Teachers in a classroom can provide math puzzles, and see how students make patterns to solve them. This identifies the students with logical intelligence so that they can be groomed for a successful future.

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