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Log Table

A log table is also known as a logarithm table. Students mostly search for the term log table to understand and learn for their mathematics calculations. A log table or logarithm table is used in performing larger calculations than usual ones. The log table is used by students in solving bigger mathematics calculations – multiplication, division. squares, and roots with the use of the calculator. The logarithm of a number to a given base is the exponent by which that base should be raised to give the original number. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the system of a log table unless the student is very familiar with the system. Log table or logarithm table for a given base is a table of algorithms that are used to find the logarithm of a specific number to that given particular base of a number. It is to note that tables containing common logarithms or log tables were used in computations prior to the creation of electronic calculators and computers because logarithms convert problems of multiplication and division into much easier addition and subtraction problems. A very important point to mark here is that log tables or logarithm tables are also highly used in subjects like physics and statistics in economics. The log table is used to find logs and antilogs by students.

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