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Locus of Control

Locus of Control is a concept that deals with a person’s understanding of how strongly he/she has control over the situation. It is a psychological opinion used in education to view a student’s response to success or failure. It identifies how firmly students react in a circumstance or experience in academics. The locus of control determines the control that students think they have over an event. It can be divided into an internal and an external locus of control.

Students who base their academic achievements or failure on themselves, and have faith in their actions have internal control. Such students tend to get better grades and give improved performance in other activities. The belief these students have in them helps them to succeed more in life. They rely on their own efforts for their overall growth.

External locus of control means when students assign their success or failure on others. Such students can also base their academic achievements on luck or factors out of their control. This attitude towards their performance restricts them from making efforts to achieve their goals in life. As external forces like people, or fate drive their ability to perform, they do not gain their maximum potential. It causes a hindrance to these student’s overall growth. This is similar to extrinsic motivation.

Students can often develop internal control by themselves, or through counseling. Every child has strengths and weaknesses. There are tests available to understand the student’s locus of control, which can help them identify their dominant traits. If taken in the right direction, they can utilize their efforts to reach their maximum potential.

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