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Live Lectures

Live lectures are live educational video classes held online, as opposed to in-person lectures. These lectures are generally conducted through a learning management system. These systems allow students to track their syllabus and progress. 

Live lectures allow two-way communication, where the learning is synchronous. In other words, a student can listen to the teacher, interact with peers and ask questions. These lectures allow the teachers to see the students, which might not be necessarily true for online lectures. 

The advent of video technology and communications made these lectures possible. This development ensures that the student and teacher don’t have to be in each other’s vicinity to learn and teach, respectively. 

The lectures also allow the teacher to modify their lecture approach according to student focus, goals, progress, and learning level. A feature that online classes do not have. Live lectures also allow the students to ask doubts in real-time. This is the most critical part of remote learning.

These lectures can also be recorded to audio, video, or both and be uploaded to be viewable on a designated site. This allows students to view the lecture at their convenience. 

There are certain disadvantages to the said type of lectures. For example, it lacks face-to-face interaction that is critical to offline learning. Moreover, a student cannot contact their instructors unless a communication link is created.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology