Live Class Recording

Live Class Recording is the method that enables the recording of lectures for students to review after the classroom studies. Students can recall the lesson afterward to prepare for an examination, again, exactly as explained by the lecturer. Live class recording helps other lecturers go through recorded lectures, and they can also use it for their session.

Live class recording helps students overcome anxiety, or get over restless for not understanding the lesson, or missing any information regarding that unit provided in that lecture. Also, the online class recording has a very negative impact on students, as it reduces the interaction between lecturer and students, which can happen during the classroom studies. With the live recording of lectures, students can even attend the e-classroom.

The main intention of online class recording is to provide the lesson’s important notes to all the students who cannot attend the lecture because of any reason and saving them from any loss. The lecturer is not required to teach the same thing again and again in the classroom. While preparing for the exams, students can recall and revise the study material, which was recorded during the classroom. It gives a new vision to the digital classroom and e-learning.

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