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Lexicography refers to the occupation that relates to the academic discipline of compiling dictionaries. Actually, it can be divided into two distinct but equal important academic disciplines:

  • The first one is practical lexicography which refers to the art of compiling, editing, and creating dictionaries
  • The second one is theoretical lexicography which refers to the study of orthographic, syntagmatic, semantic, and paradigmatic features that is a unit of the lexical meaning of the lexicon of a language. What that means is the development of theories of dictionary components and The structures that link the data within the dictionary, the requirements of information by the uses in specific types of situations, and how users might make the best use of the data incorporated with an electronic as well as a printed dictionary. This type of lexicography is also referred to as metalexicography.

General lexicography focuses on the compilation, design, use, and evaluation of dictionaries. A dictionary that provides a description of the language that is used generally in society is generally known as a general dictionary or LGP dictionary (language for general-purpose). However, there is also specialized lexicography that focuses on the design compilation and the valuation of specialized dictionaries. This dictionary is devoted to a set of factual as well as linguistic elements of wonder more subject fields. This is also known as legal lexicography. 

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