Levels of Teaching

Teaching is a divine vocation and it requires skills. Through teaching, a teacher can change the life skills of the students. There are three levels of teaching: the memory level that belongs to thoughtless teaching, the understanding level that is thoughtful teaching, and the reflective level, which is the upper thoughtful level. It brings out the teaching skills of a teacher while maintaining discipline.

 The memory levels of teaching are concerned with memory or mental ability that exists in everyone, and hence it is a thoughtless teaching methodology. The understanding level of teaching is a conceptual level of teaching in which ideas are gathered, aims are set, and meaningful teaching takes place. The reflective level of teaching is based on the reflection of the observation on something over a period of time. It is a highly thoughtful and useful level of teaching.

 Teaching and learning are interrelated to each other. During the teaching and learning process, the discussion takes place between a lecturer and a student, which ends up with the personality development of both. It creates a learning environment, and engages everyone in the classroom. The main aim is to bring a positive change in students. As it is very difficult to change learners’ perspectives, interactive and innovative teaching methodologies make this a lot easier.

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