A lesson is a period of time when students are taught about any particular subject or topic by the lecturer in the classroom. The lesson can be a part of the study material or a general discussion about the subject. Lessons generally take place in the classrooms but can be made interactive if conducted in a learning environment.

 A lesson can be taught by the lecturer about how to react to particular situations in life, or discuss any unfamiliar subject matter. It is a piece of useful information, learned through experience in that particular thing. Lessons can be planned, accidental, boring, interactive, or enjoyable; all depends upon the learners’ interest. It can be a section of course of study, divided into sections which should be learned and studied. It can be given to a single student, or a group of students in the same classroom.

A discussion on a particular subject matter from the study material or a demonstration is given on a particular topic. A lesson seeks students’ engagement and works as a motivation for students to work or learn ahead in that field. A lesson cannot always be theoretical; it can be taught by involving students in some academic activities.

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