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Leave letter

Do you want to take a leave of absence from your corporate responsibilities? Then you will need to submit a leave letter to your manager. It will help them understand the reason for your request. If you are writing a leave letter, your letter must include the following:

  • Request for a leave of absence
  • The dates you will be absent from work
  • The date you will return to work
  • An offer to provide assistance
  • Thank you note for considering the request

Dos and Don’ts for requesting a leave of absence

You must ask for a leave of absence professionally. The guidelines mentioned below will help you write an effective and formal leave letter. 

  • Provide maximum information in your letter

Provide details about your reason for absence and when you will return to work. It is vital to inform the management in advance. They may take time to arrange cover for your work role.

  • Know your rights

You are entitled to get unpaid leaves to deal with medical conditions and family needs. As a result, you can take leaves to fulfill your responsibilities towards your family. Check the leave policy of your organization before applying for leaves. Speak to your supervisor and then outline your request in writing

Know everything about your organization and its leave policy before applying for leave. You may use the HRMS or read about the leave policies in your employment agreement for clarity. Moreover, speak to your manager and ask for a leave of absence in person, then submit a request in writing.

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