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Leave Application to Principal

Students should know how to write a leave application to principal. To write a leave application to principal students should know the format of the formal letter.

It is written by students to get leave for some days due to valid reasons. Students are not allowed to take leave without genuine reasons. 

Reasons for leave can be: 

Some of the reasons for requesting the leave can be a marriage of a close relative, going out of the station, injury of the student, health problems, and more. 

Ways to Write Leave Application 

Students need to write a formal letter in which the tone should be polite. It should not be like a story, students need to include only main points. The reason for leave should be mentioned clearly and also mention how many days of leave is required. Students are writing this leave application to the principal so there should not be any spelling mistakes. Individuals are also required to write their details like roll number, name, class, section, and more. There is no need to take leave without any purpose, students can face difficulties later on in understanding topics. Try to take minimum leaves to stay ahead in the class. 

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