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Learning Sessions

Learning Sessions

Learning sessions is the time that the students and teachers invest during the teaching-learning process. The duration of a learning session may vary from each other. Different people have different reasons of participating in a learning session and different learning sessions may have different agenda. Most of the time the motive or agenda of these learning sessions is to help the students in learning something valuable. The learning session should be interactive and engaging, they should benefit the students along with ensuring their overall development. Here are a few things that the teachers should keep in mind while conducting the learning sessions-

1- Make the students feel comfortable both mentally and physically because feeling comfortable is important in order to have a good learning experience.

2- Take and give frequent breaks. Breaks play an important role in a good learning process as they help the teachers as well as the students to feel less exhausted.

3- Use graphics while conducting sessions or explaining anything to the students as it will help the students to stay engaged throughout the session.


1- What is the time duration of a learning session?

Answer- The time duration of a session can vary and it totally depends on the agenda of conducting that session.

2- What are the benefits of learning sessions?

Answer- There are numerous benefits of a learning session including the accelerated learning of the students.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology