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Learning Progression

Learning Progression refers to an increment in the level of difficulty with the level of knowledge. The progression is dependent on the level of grading. The complexity in the learning increases with the level of skill and knowledge transfer. 

A course of study should be designed according to the knowledge development of the learner. A continuous and gradual progression in the same will help in better understanding and knowledge management. 

The level of progression in a course will help the teachers in adopting the right pedagogy. The instructors teach with a methodology that is suitable for all. The level of difficulty of the course can be determined on the basis of the pedagogy adopted. 

A progression at school, grade level, and secondary education determine the knowledge and skill level of a student. Scholastics design the classroom curriculum and course according to the level of teaching methodology. 

If the education system will not adopt the progression, there will only be a fixed learning and limited scope of growth. The education system at every level should focus on designing the learning route for the advancement of knowledge. 

A learning progression ensures the setting of deep learning within the scholars. Follow the right learning methodology and increase the level of knowledge with gradual progression. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology