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Learning Process

There are different learning processes and approaches that help you understand a concept or idea. To learn efficiently, tailoring your learning needs and approaches in a direction is important. Moreover, you should try to select the best learning process or technique that can give you the best results. In addition, you need to evaluate those techniques from time to time to understand if they are effective. 

Kolb’s model of experiential learning is one of the techniques that can enhance the learning process of students. The model explains that we learn by research, reflection, concrete experimentation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. Moreover, the model describes that there are two separate learning activities that occur in the learning cycle. These two activities include perception and processing. Perception refers to the way we take in the information, whereas processing refers to how we deal with the information. Kolb has divided his model into four quadrants and each of these quadrants represents a different learning process. These quadrants are:

  • Converging

It refers to the thinking process where you focus on different thinking processes to get an answer. This can be applied to scientific context.

  • Diverging

It refers to creative thinking where you apply your creativity to get an answer. 

  • Assimilating

It refers to taking in new knowledge. 

  • Accommodating

It relates new knowledge to prior experiences and beliefs. 

All these four quadrants are essential to understand the learning process. Teachers need to identify the approaches to enhance the learning of students. They can take the help of the model mentioned above for this process. 

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