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Learning Commons

Learning Commons takes place in libraries where learning takes place while playing, creating content, and studying. The academic areas of work are used for Learning Commons, which encourage participatory learning of students. It emphasizes on students’ creativity, team collaboration, innovative ideas, and provides an excellent opportunity for advanced teaching and learning outcomes. 

Learning Commons are in practice in research libraries and academic workspaces.

All the essential tools for group learning are included in the workspaces. It emphasizes using technology and growing in the field of study. Students are taught about these tools that are used during learning. It provides an exponential and wide opportunity to learn. It also includes logical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, solution orientation, knowledge gain, and technology exposure. 

To qualify for this practice, one needs to meet the following requirements. There must be an equal relationship between the learners that generates collaboration. One must guarantee that learning can happen anywhere, even outside of the classroom. The students should manage self-directed learning by gathering ideas and taking the initiative.

The innovative educational learning goes hand in hand, along with students’ interest and the study material. The Learning Commons spaces can never replace the school libraries because they provide extracurricular options to students.

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