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Learning by Teaching

Learning by Teaching is a communicative method of learning where students are prepared to make presentations or lessons by collecting the essential data. Then they teach their class the same, which enhances the understanding of children. Learning by Teaching method aims to improve the understanding of particular study material and make a classroom more interactive.

Children play teachers’ roles, which makes them take responsibility and enhances their leadership quality. The learning becomes more communicative and creative as students find their ways to explain and teach the material. Students can improve their communication, presentation, and leadership skills, which are very important for the modern learning process through Learning by Teaching.

Along with materialistic skills, life skills are also imparted with this method of learning. Once students start Learning by Teaching, they take responsibility for their own learning and teach their fellows and juniors if required. This increases children’s smartness and makes them stand ahead of children of the same age. Students learn problem-solving skills and they seek a solution-oriented approach.

The active participation of every student is essential in this type of learning, and it enhances the children’s thinking ability. Students retain the things they teach because they recall them a few times before teaching. In this way, learning can be made more fun and creative to attract the students towards studies.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology