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Learning Accommodations

Learning accommodations refer to giving an extra perk to the students, either by comforting them or allowing them to widely express their knowledge. Learning accommodations include personal assessment, environmental strategies, and instructional behavior to make everything simple and understandable.

For instance, giving extra time to read the question paper before starting the exam, allotting mid breaks during the lectures, preferential seating arrangement, elective subjects, and assistive technology, all are the perks of learning accommodations that give a sense of comfort and motivation to learn more constructively. 

According to the research, this boosts up the interest of the students and makes them more disciplined and punctual. As a result, various coaching centers and schools have incorporated this behavior to nurture the abilities of students.

It is divided into four categories – General accommodation, Testing And Assessment Accommodations, General Modifications, and Behavioral Modifications. A few of the learning accommodations that are practically followed from primary to higher secondary sections- Textbooks for at-home use, Peer or scribe note-taking, dictating answers, Use of a calculator or word processor, Projects instead of written reports, and others.

However, it does not modify the content of assignments, instead gives you accommodations facilitating their ability to perform better and exceptional. This has been found in the teacher interviews and teacher training courses, where they give audiotape, larger print, oral instructions, and verbal responses to trainees as a part of learning accommodations. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology