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Learner Characteristics

Learner Characteristics refer to defining the attitude, skills, age, gender, and demographics of an individual. This characteristic plays an important role in leading the life ahead, irrespective of being a student, entrepreneur, or a blue-collar worker. More or less, it is the ability to update yourself and make value addition to your overall personality. 

A few of the learner characteristics include- curiosity, patience, perseverance, resilience, adaptability, intrinsic motivation, and challenge seeking. However, the stage of learning depends on intellectual development, social development, mental and physical development, emotional intelligence, and moral development. The learner characteristics mainly revolve around these stages that nurture and foster the attitude and mindset of an individual. This could go diverse, from hard skills to soft skills, that ultimately trigger the mindset of the person. 

Accelerated learning forms a subset of characteristics, and holistically, it aims at improving the learning experiences influenced by academic and cognitive elements. All this makes an individual more attentive, soft-spoken, and self-reflective. 

Various educational institutes and multi-level organizations have introduced lessons and courses on learner characteristics, to hone and influence the behavior and personality of every student and employee respectively. In turn, this increases their productivity and brings efficient results to the table. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology