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Laws of Chemical Combination

Laws of Chemical Combination

Students should know about laws of chemical combination. Laws of chemical combination is an important topic which comes in exams. Chemistry usually involves chemical reactions in which two or more elements combine to form a single compound. Reactions in which different elements combine to form a compound are governed by five laws of chemistry. The law of conservation of mass was proposed by Antoni Lavoisier in 1789 and is based on results obtained from various combustion reactions. The Law of conservation of mass describes that mass cannot be formulated or destroyed, it can only be altered from one form to another. In chemistry, the law of conservation of mass states that the total mass of a product obtained by a compound is equal to the sum of the masses of all reagents involved. Joseph Proust proposed the law of specific proportions in 1799. According to the law of specific proportions, elements always combine only in certain proportions. This means that the elements are always bound in constant proportion, regardless of the amount or source of the reagent. The law of multiple ratios states that whenever two identical elements combine to form one or more compounds, the different masses of the individual elements that combine with other elements of the same mass exist in small integer ratios. According to Gay-Lussac’s law of volume of gases, the volume ratio of all gaseous reactants and products can be expressed as small integers. When a gas reacts at a specific pressure and temperature, the volume ratio of the reagent to the product can be easily expressed as a small integer. According to Avagadro’s law of compounds, at constant temperature and pressure, the volume of gas molecules is directly proportional to the total number of moles. All students must have understood the laws of chemical combination. 

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