KTET Recent Updates

What Is KTET?

Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test (KTET) is a qualification examination for the teaching aspirants of Kerala. The exam is conducted by the Kerala Government Education Board, Pareeksha Bhavan. Any individual who wishes to apply for a post in a government school or teaching position has to qualify for the KTET exam. This examination is conducted twice every year, where aspirants aim to pass it with the minimum eligibility score of the year. The KTET certificate stays valid for a lifetime. In this article, we will see KTET recent updates and its detailed information.

KTET Recent Updates 

The 2021 KTET admit card was released on the 25th of August 2021.  

The KTET exam has been successfully taken on the 1st and 3rd of September 2021. The results for the same are yet awaited. Candidates will be able to download their KTET certificates as and when the results are announced.

Overview of KTET

For teaching aspirants in Kerala, the KTET exam is an eligibility test to check their knowledge and teaching skills. It is conducted twice every year. The exam consists of 150 objective-type questions. Its duration is 2.5 hours. This exam is divided into four categories based on levels of teaching. These are:

  • Category I – For Classes 1 to 5, i.e., Lower Primary Section 
  • Category II – For Classes 6 to 8, i.e., Upper Primary Section 
  • Category III – For Classes 8 to 10, i.e., High School 
  • Category IV – For Language or Specialist, Physical Education Teaching aspirants 

These four categories consist of a number of subjects. Listed below are the main subjects that are divided into four categories.

  • Child Development and Pedagogy 
  • Mathematics/Science/Social Science 
  • Environmental studies – For Category I
  • Language I (Tamil/Kannada/Malayalam)
  • Language II (English/Arabic) – For Category I 

Category III consists of Adolescent Psychology, Theories of Learning, and Teaching Aptitude in place of Child Development and Pedagogy.

Tips to Score Well in KTET 

Candidates who have appeared for the 2021 KTET exam await the KTET recent updates to announce the results. As new aspirants prepare for the next edition of the KTET, here are some tips that can help them score well in the eligibility exam.

  1. Prepare a Study Schedule

A consistent study plan helps plan your day’s routine better and also keeps clarity of your exam syllabus.

  1. Assess and Study the Previous Years’ Papers 

Analyzing the previous years’ papers is advised in order to help score well in the exam. Look out for the repeated questions and important topics for them.

  1. Prepare Well in Advance and Take Regular Mock Tests

Mock tests help understand how much your preparation has helped you. Starting your preparation well in advance gives you enough time to clear your concepts.

  1. Revise Consistently to Remember What You Study 

Revision is a mandatory act. Without revising, it is impossible to recall all the stored information. A regular revision is necessary for retention.

  1. Keep Track of the KTET Recent Updates

When you are aware of the latest patterns and updates of any exam, you are able to prepare well for the same.

How to Check KTET Result Online? 

The 2021 KTET was conducted in September, and the results are awaited soon. In order to get the KTET recent updates and score online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit The official website of KTET – https://ktet.kerala.gov.in
  2. Click on the KTET September 2021 result there.
  3. You will be prompted to add details, such as Registration number, Category, and Date of Birth.
  4. Click on the check result option.
  5. You can take a print of the result for future use.

If you pass the KTET exam successfully, the next step is the verification stage. This stage is followed by certificate issuing. The KTET certificate acts as a valid document for future references. Candidates can give the exam as many times as they wish to achieve the desired score.


The score in the KTET certificate determines the candidate’s eligibility for the teaching post. Conducted by the Kerala Government education board, the KTET exam is an eligibility test. The score obtained in this exam is used to determine the eligibility for aspirants who wish to make a career in the teaching profession in a government school. The 2021 KTET exam was taken recently in September. The result of the same is still awaited.

To qualify in the exam, a good score is needed. For scoring well, having a profound knowledge of the important topics is necessary. There are innumerable platforms available for preparing for the KTET examination. Candidates should find a proper platform in the respective mode of preparation they opt for.

Always start with a preparation strategy first. Identify the subjects and their important topics beforehand. Regular mock tests and previous years’ papers could help revise the syllabus properly. The KTET certificate stays valid for a lifetime. Also, if you are an aspirant, make sure you stay in line with KTET recent updates.

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