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KTET Life Science- Study Materials

What Is KTET?

Kerala Teachers Eligibility Test (KTET) is an exam that is organized twice every year by the Kerala Government Education Board. It is for the aspirants who wish to make a career in teaching for Primary, Lower, and Higher sections and High School. For an individual to be eligible for the post of teacher, they must have the KTET Certificate, which one can obtain after passing the KTET exam.

Overview of KTET

The KTET is an objective-type exam. The exam goes for 2.5 hours and consists of 150 questions. It is divided into four categories based on levels of teaching. These are:

  • Category I – For Classes 1 to 5, i.e., Lower Primary Section 
  • Category II – For Classes 6 to 8, i.e., Upper Primary Section
  • Category III – For Classes 8 to 10, i.e., High School 
  • Category IV – For Language or Specialist, Physical Education Teaching aspirants 

Differing slightly category-wise, it consists of 5 main subjects. These subjects are listed below:

  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Mathematics/Science/Social Science
  • Environmental studies – For Category I
  • Language I (Tamil/Kannada/Malayalam)
  • Language II (English/Arabic) – For Category I

The subject for Category III consists of Adolescent Psychology, Theories of Learning, and Teaching Aptitude in place of Child Development and Pedagogy.

KTET Study Materials To Prepare from

There are a number of books available for preparing for the KTET exam. Out of the many aspirants who aim to achieve eligible marks in their KTET examination, only a few succeed. An important reason for this is KTET study materials. It is important to have the right set of study materials to prepare for the exam. Discussed below are some links and reference books that are renowned for KTET preparation.

Category-wise Sample Paper Links 

Below listed are the links to the sample question papers for KTET. For being eligible to apply for a teaching post in a government school, one must have the cut-off score in the KTET Certificate. These sample papers help practice for the exam. 

Category I – For Lower Primary 

Category II – For Upper Primary 

Category III – For High School 

Category IV – For Specialist/Language/PE Teaching Aspirants

Reference Books To Prepare for KTET

There are innumerable renowned books to prepare for the KTET exam. Listed below are some that can be used along with online links for preparing for the exam. 

  1. Sura’s K-TET Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test Recruitment of Teachers category 1- Lower Primary Classes – M.Ravindhiran and V.V.K. Subburaj
  2. K-TET C-TET For all categories –  Dr.V.Balakrishnan MA. PhD
  3. K-TET Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test Success Master Category-II (Upper Primary Classes) Paper-II Mathematics & Science Teacher Selection for Class VI-VIII 
  4. K-TET Educational Psychology – Dr.V.Balakrishnan MA
  5. K-TET Rank File 2020 – Talent Academy
  6. TET – Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test – Team Anand
  7. TET – Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test – Paper-II- UP Section – Rank File 2019 – Anand Publications

Tips For Preparation and KTET Study Materials 

  • To prepare for KTET, you must be sure about the mode of preparation you are comfortable with. You can choose between online and offline. 
  • For online mode – one must choose the platform that offers the correct and appropriate guidance. The major benefit of an online platform is that you can study at your own pace. PDFs, E-books, Mock tests, Video lectures, Test series are some of the online study material types. 
  • Further, make sure you are well-acquainted with the exam pattern, topics and their significance. 
  • Always refer to previous years’ question papers. 
  • Look for reference books that are written by experienced faculty.
  • Appear for mock tests.


For every aspirant who wishes to make a career in the teaching profession in a government school, the KTET exam is mandatory. The score in the KTET certificate determines the candidate’s eligibility for the teaching post. To qualify in the exam, a good score is needed. For scoring well, having a profound knowledge of the important topics is necessary. 

Candidates should find a proper platform in the respective mode of preparation they opt for. Regular mock tests and previous years’ papers could help revise the syllabus properly. The KTET certificate stays valid for an entire lifetime. However, candidates who wish to improve their scores could give the exam as many times as they wish to.

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