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KTET Learning Strategies

The office of the commissioner for government examination is the governing body that conducts the KTET-Kerala teachers’ entrance test. The examination is conducted to hire eligible candidates for the position of teachers in the schools of Kerala by inspecting the candidates’ skills and aptitude. The appointed candidates will teach the students of lower and upper primary students and also the high school students.

The responsibilities of conducting and managing the examination based on the rules decided by the SCERT-State Council of Educational Research and Training are with the Pareekasha Bhavan.

Results of the examination of September 2021 have not been made public yet. But the candidates who are targeting the exams in the upcoming years should design new learning strategies and start their preparation now.

Learning strategies to top KTET examination:

Do deep study of the syllabus:

Studying anything randomly won’t help you crack this exam. There is a pre-decided syllabus that you have to go through before you start preparing. The examination has four categories; hence the syllabus is also divided into four categories. Search for the syllabus dedicated to the category you are applying for and study accordingly. This will save you time while choosing essential topics to go through.

Category wise syllabus of the KTET examination:

Category 1: 

Category 2:

  • Child development and pedology
  • Mathematics and Science / Social science
  • The language I and II

Category 3:

  • Adolescent psychology and theories of learning and teaching aptitude
  • Language
  • Other specific areas

Category 4:

  • Child development, pedology and teaching aptitude
  • Language
  • Subjects specific to paper

Refer authentic books and tutorials

The internet has a lot of things in the name of the KTET examination. There are many books and syllabus materials available in the name of this examination but do not even contain the content related to it. So when you start studying, go for original books written by authentic authors. You can also learn from the video lectures on youtube provided by different coaching institutes.

Follow a strict study schedule:

To crack the KTET examination, you have to dedicate some hours to the study every day because you can not pass the exam just by studying for a few weeks or a month. So, prepare a study schedule that dedicates a few hours daily for all the subjects in your category. Follow this schedule strictly, avoiding any distractions that may disturb your preparation. Having a plan is one of the best learning strategies if followed perfectly.

Do not skip any mock test:

The mock test designers design the test in a similar pattern as the main examination, forming the questions in the same format as the main examination. So attending every mock test is very important so that you get an idea of the types of questions, time management, and test your level of preparation. It is the best way to practice what you have already studied. If you miss even one test, you may lose some of the essential questions, and it is not considered in the list of good learning strategies.

Be updated about the important dates:

The learning strategies change with time. When there are months left before the actual exam, you study the subject thoroughly. But when the exam is very near, you should not learn any new topics but revisit what you have once completed. That is why you should be updated about important dates like the date of the examination of the category you chose, the dates of mock tests etc.

Revision is important:

Despite studying hard for months, you have to stop reading new chapters and revise when the exam is close by so that you can mug on things that you forgot with the time. You will get a better grip on the subject when you have completed the revision more than once. This is the only learning strategy to increase your confidence in the examination hall.


A teacher’s skills are of utmost importance because the teacher passes on everything he has to the future generation. Hence, giving the KTET examination with the highest rank proves that you have got all the skills needed, and you can get appointed as the teacher and contribute to the students.

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