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How to Prepare for KTET

KTET, or the Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test, holds significant importance for candidates wanting to pursue teaching as a career in Kerala. The examination, considered both prestigious and difficult to crack, is conducted under the administration of the Commissioner for Government Examinations – the Government of Kerala. The aim is to recruit qualified teachers in the primary, upper primary, and high school classes across the state.

Like any other competitive exam, preparing for the KTET can also get a bit overwhelming. However, a proper plan of action on how to study for KTET can get you in the right direction, increasing your chances of clearing it. To make things simpler for you, we’ve collated this blog highlighting the most useful KTET preparation tips and strategies.

How to Study for KTET 2022 – Useful Tips

  1. Understand the Syllabus Thoroughly

If you are clueless about the syllabus of the examination, you cannot ace it. Thus, the first step in your exam preparation cycle is to gather complete knowledge about the exam contents. As you may be aware already, the KTET exam is divided into four different categories, from 1 to 4. And since each has its distinct syllabus, you need to begin by grasping the syllabus of the category you are appearing for.

  1. Get Yourself Familiarized with the Exam Pattern

Similar to the syllabus, the exam pattern of KTET tends to vary with the four categories – Category I, Category II, Category III and Category IV. Therefore, it is only wise to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern of your category – the total number of questions, the duration of the paper, the marking weightage and the scheme. Doing so would help you build a strategy on how much time you need to spend on which topics.

  1. Make a Bank of the Right Study Material

Selection of the right study material, including books, holds the key to crack the KTET exam 2022. Hence, to get it right, do some research and find out which books are the best for the subjects in your category. Reach out to the successful seniors, as well as your teachers, for recommendations on value-adding study material.

  1. Stress on Concept-based Understanding

Studying without understanding the concept would not get you any far in the quest of your KTET exam preparation 2022. You have to take a deep dive into each topic to get the concept right. That way, you can save yourself from making any silly mistakes or hasty thought-process during the exam.

  1. Make Notes while Studying

Jotting down pointers as notes helps you understand any topic more tactfully. Moreover, such simple notes in your own handwriting make it easier to grasp and remember important concepts. Besides, it makes your revisions quicker and free from doubts.

  1. Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers

Once you are done with your syllabus, it’s time to check your knowledge. The best way to do that is to solve question papers from the previous years. It will help you know where you stand and act accordingly.

  1. Practice Mock Tests

Practising mock tests can help you gauge how well you can manage your time during the exam. It also helps understand your writing speed for diverse sets and types of questions. Thus, take the mock tests seriously and improvise your preparations based on your performance.

  1. Keep Time For Relaxation 

A calm mind can win you the hardest battles. Hence, while creating your study schedule, don’t forget to keep some time aside to relax your mind. It would help you refrain from burning out.

What we discussed here are only some basic tips on how to study for KTET. In the end, it all comes down to the effort you put in with all your heart. Wishing you good luck for the upcoming KTET preparation & exam.

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