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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for KTET

For those wanting to pursue a teaching career in Kerala, the Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test (widely known as the KTET) holds unparalleled importance. It provides you with the platform to secure a teaching job in a high school, primary, or upper primary sections across the state. The best thing is, this competitive examination is held twice a year. Thus, it sees loads of applications from aspiring teachers who’ve already started preparing for KTET 2022.

If you are one of those aspirants, we’d like to familiarize you with some common mistakes to avoid while preparing for KTET. It will not only help you keep nervousness at bay, but also boost the quality of your preparations and the overall strategy.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing For KTET

  1. Thinking KTET is Easy 

KTET, like any other competitive exam, is everything but easy. It requires your complete focus, undivided attention, hard work, belief, and devotion. The habit of last-minute prep doesn’t work here, and neither does going lenient on your efforts. So, if thoughts like “KTET is easy,” “I’ll crack it in one go,” or “I’ll start the prep later” have occupied your mind, it’s one of the first mistakes to avoid while preparing for KTET. Time to get rid of it and follow a proper study schedule!

As you may be aware already, KTET is divided into four categories. Each of them has varied subjects, exam patterns, and levels of difficulties, requiring you to draw a customized study cycle that suits you. If you want to ace the exam, be committed and maintain consistency.

  1. Trying to Complete the Whole Syllabus

With exams like KTET, there is always something going on – multiple subjects, a vast syllabus, a series of tests, revisions, and much more. All of that, combined with the exam stress, and you end up feeling bogged down. While many may advise you to complete the entire syllabus, that’s not the sole strategy to pass with flying colors.

You can put in your efforts smartly by indulging in what we call priority-based learning of the syllabus. Make a list of the most important topics, along with the ones that hold the least significance. Start with the former, devote more of your time there and keep a swift timeframe aside for everything else. It’s an efficient, result-oriented formula.

  1. Emphasizing on Reading the Whole Book 

Whether it is Psychology, Language, or Mathematics, candidates often prefer reading the entire book as their preparation method. Contrary to popular belief, this is not at all an ideal strategy to adopt for KTET.

Since all the four KTET categories consist of comprehensive subjects, it is wise to grasp the important concepts out of them. Concentrate on one concept at a time, test your knowledge and move on to the next one. Repeat the process for all the subjects in your category. Doing so would help you strengthen your base and save you time for revisions.

  1. Not Strategizing About the Order of Answering the Question Paper

Acing the KTET exam is not only about how well you prepare. It’s also about how efficient your writing strategy is. More often than not, candidates tend to write the answers for questions they are well-acquainted with, ignoring whether they are lengthy to write or are easy or difficult. That doesn’t make up for a sound plan.

Instead, what works best is to scan the paper the moment you get it and identify the easiest and difficult sections. Then, write the easy parts first and cover the difficult ones later. That way, you will have ample time for tough sections while being confident about the ones you’ve already written.

  1. Not Solving Previous Year Question Papers Seriously 

Appearing for mock tests and solving previous years’ question papers only for the sake of it won’t land you anywhere. Take these exams only when you’re fully prepared and as if you’re sitting in an actual exam hall with thorough sincerity. It would help you analyze your strong points and identify areas where you need to put in more effort just in time.

Apart from the above pointers, it is also critical not to leave your doubt-solving sessions until the very last minute. Reach out for guidance as soon as you can to have sufficient time to learn & revise. We hope after getting to know the top 5 mistakes to avoid while preparing for KTET, your preparations will turn more constructive.

Good luck for the exam! 

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