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Knowledge Visualization

Knowledge Visualization is the process of communicating and disseminating information in various visual formats like Infographics, dashboard systems, diagrams, pie charts or bar graphs, and sketches and illustrations.

This is a new field in research. It focuses on creating and transferring knowledge with the help of visuals and improves the understanding of subject matter between two persons. Besides, it is processed in generating, structuring, and representing the ideas and new concepts to jump straight into proactive problem-solving.

Knowledge Visualization is used in various industry verticals, with the common goal of presenting the raw data in a structured way. For example, before the start of National Geographic, the geographers had worked on visualizing the map to the world. Together, they helped us understand the boundaries, mountain valleys, and many more. So, creating cleaner shapes and using bolder colours to highlight the area covered by a country, forms a part of knowledge visualization.  

Another example of visualization is the Dashboard, where you map the growth, trends, and failures of an ad campaign. With the different color palette and unique icons, it communicates and disseminates the relevant information about the performance of an ad. Google Adwords, Facebook Ad Campaigns, and others are following the trends of knowledge visualization.

Thus, due to a continuous revolution in technology, the impact of visualization is turning noteworthy. It helps in communicating complex findings faster and constructively. It often facilitates new discussion and brainstorming. So, the future scope of visualization and visual learning is limitless.

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