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Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer refers to a practical method of knowledge transition from one person to another. This dissemination of knowledge helps in problem-solving. It requires a two-way exchange for meaningful and long-term collaborations. 

The knowledge transfer method involves active participation from the institutes, as the institutes need to offer innovative solutions to the learners so that the resources are affordable and easily accessible. 

The transfer can be applied to your company workings, as well as your business systems. Thus, it works both as a theoretical and practical method.

There is a continuous circulation of information, ideas, tasks, processes, and much more, during transfer. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, this jargon is very familiar. 

When a strategy combines technology, culture, and infrastructure to share the understanding in multiple business areas, it is known as an effective transfer. There are two main types of knowledge transfer mechanisms: 

  • Personalization, a one-to-one transfer in person between two entities. 
  • Codification, converting your knowledge into documents or videos, or images. 

Knowledge residing in tools or systems is tacit and hard to replicate.

Knowledge transfer can provide easy and rapid knowledge access to your team. It can eliminate space and time clashes in communications. It enhances people’s overall skills, thus making them a valued member of the team. 

Knowledge transfer is all about getting the right information at the right time to the right people. The instructor must first decide from a business perspective, exactly who knows what and needs to know what before developing an effective transfer system. 

If the transfer is effective in your business, then the much-needed starting point is organizational commitment.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology