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Just in Time Teaching

Just-in-time teaching is a teaching method that involves real-time classroom studies blended with virtual technology to maximize students’ learning capacity. The teaching method in just-in-time teaching improves students’ learning capacity because they are involved in a two-step method.

First – The teacher gives assignment work to submit the next day. The students then need to refer to their study material both from textbooks, course websites, or through an online learning management app to complete the assignment. 

After completion, they submit the assignment on the classroom app a few hours before the class starts.

Second – The teacher collects students’ responses and discusses the class assignment. Emphasising more on the difficulties and adjusting the teaching method by including more virtual references, thus helping the students learn quickly. 

The said type of teaching is considered as one of the best learning style methods to maximise class time performance and allows the students to focus on subjects. Just-in-time teaching encourages the students to learn outside the class and discover new things with the virtual technology learning methods. 

The goal of the said type of teaching method is to make students come to class prepared and motivated. 

For an assignment under this method, students collect as much data they can with the help of textbook and online material. The following day of the submission, the teacher discusses the assignment and addresses any areas of difficulties that the students might not have understood.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology