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Junior Colleges

Junior colleges, sometimes also referred to as juco or JuCo, are post-secondary educational institutions that offer vocational training. They are designed to prepare students for skilled trades and/or technical occupations as well as workers who work in supporting roles in professions like accountancy, engineering, business administration, medicine, architecture, criminology,  nursing, etc., or for additional education at some other college with extra advanced academic material. Students studying in junior colleges generally attend junior colleges for a duration of one to three years.

In many countries, a junior college is the same as community colleges –  they offer different kinds of programs that take two to three years to complete and offer an associate degree or diploma. So, it does not matter which country you are in, the objective behind junior college is basically the same – it is to provide students with the skills and prepare them for higher education.

Choosing a career path is a major decision that should be taken after some serious consideration. These colleges provide you with enough time and exposure to try out different things at the same time and pursue what you think might be best for yourself.
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