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JRF Full Form

JRF Full Form
Many students are confused about what the JRF full form is, we all should know it. JRF full form is Junior Research Fellowship, it is incredible for the students who have great research skills. This scholarship is provided to the students who have submitted authentic academic research work at a university or institution of higher education. It is a scholarship program offered by  UGC to encourage students to pursue original research work. It is a University Grants Commission (UGC) scheme open to applicants who have passed UGC’s National Proficiency Test (NET) joint test and UGCC’s Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR) joint test. The duration of the internship is the first two years according to the JRF method. After this period, the work of the scholar is evaluated by specialists. If the research work is considered satisfactory, his tenure will be extended for another three years as part of the Senior Scientific Community (SRF) revenue increase. If the performance of the student in the first two years is not satisfactory, the student will be given an additional year to improve. However, during this period the student will be appointed as a research assistant. In this case, the work will be reevaluated after 3 years, and if improvements are found, the student will receive an additional 2 years under the SRF. Therefore, the total duration of the fellowships JRF and SRF is 5 years and will not be extended any further. The Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) is awarded to qualified UGC NET JRF  candidates for two years. This is not a profession, but a scholarship program that allows students to earn a PhD. in their subject. Hope that all the students will remember the JRF full form.

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