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The Joint Seat Allocation Authority, referred to commonly by its acronym JoSAA, is an agency that is established by the Ministry of Education (which was formerly known as the HRD Ministry) to manage and regulate the admission to more than a hundred tertiary institutes administered by the Central Government of India. The agency was established by the HRD ministry in 2018 for managing the allocation of seats for admission to Indian Institutes of Technology or IIT, National Institutes of Technology or NITs, Indian Institutes of Information Technology IIITs and Government Funded Technical Institutes or GFTIs, starting with the 2018 – 2019 academic year. 

It is made up of representatives from the Joint Admission Board and the Central Seat Allocation Board, both of which are responsible for the allocation of seats to IITs and related institutes respectively. In 2018, the JoSAA announced 100 institutes and 2 special spot vacant seats by the CSAB. For example, admission to the Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai IndianOil Odisha Campus was carried out by JoSAA in 2021. It has been set up by the Ministry of Education to manage and regulate the joint seat allocation for admissions to a hundred and fourteen institutes for the academic year 2021-22. 

This includes:

  • 23 IITs
  • 31 NITs
  • IIEST Shibpur & 26 IIITs, and 
  • 33 Other-Government Funded Technical Institutes (Other-GFTIs). 

Admission to all the academic programs that are offered by these Institutes will be made through a single platform.

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