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Job Fair

A job fair is an event that is conducted, usually on an annual basis, on either college campuses or off-campus sites. A job fair is a place where people come together to compete with one another for a job. Such an occasion is organized to give people an opportunity to get a job and gives a common place for them to meet up. One of the main advantages of having such an event is that there will hardly be any bias involved since the recruitment is done by a company that has no stake in the institution or place where they are recruiting the candidates. As a result, the selection process is completely unbiased. 

Job fairs are necessary when it comes to the recruitment process for a large number of companies because it provides them with en masse recruitment opportunities that take advantage of this competitive environment to produce candidates with the best possible vision that matches their company. This is extremely important for the respective companies because they are investing their time, energy and resources to find the right candidate for the job, and in doing so, ensuring the long term success and prolonged sustainability of the company.  They might invest heavily into the employee, so it is only logical to make that last for them.

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