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ITT Full Form

Some words or terms have more than one meaning, and one such term is the ITT. It has different full forms but ITT full form depends on the context in which this term is used. One of the full forms of this term is Initial Teacher Training. It is a course to become a qualified teacher and help students in their studies. This course has many levels and each has its requirement. For example, some programs help candidates use a Bachelor of Education degree or a specialized subject with either a Bachelors of Arts or Bachelors of Science. 

Another ITT full form is “in this thread.” This term is used on social media platforms, online forums, and message boards. The terms describes a topic to be discussed in a particular thread. ITT on the internet can be described as a thread of messages from different people on a particular topic. All people talk about or discuss their views on that topic. Moreover, the messages are visible to the public and they reply or refer to each other on that thread. 

Another term to describe ITT full form is Information Technology Training. ITT training is common for students appearing for the Chartered Accountancy examination. Students undergoing this course needs to complete ITT and Orientation Course before registering themselves for practical training. However, in the wave of the pandemic, the ICAI institute has given relaxation to students regarding the completion of this course. Students can check the notification on the institute’s website for more information. 

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