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ISI Full Form

We have always heard of ISI marking, but have you known the ISI full form. The ISI full form is Indian Standards Institute. It is a body established after independence to create standard industrial and commercial products. This body regulates the quality in the industrial production. It provides an ISI mark which shows the quality of the product. If a product does not meet the standards, they are not certified or marked with this label. ISI was established on 6th January 1947 and its first director was Dr. Lal C Verman. At present it is referred as the Bureau of Indian Standards. 

Another ISI full form is Indian Statistical Institute. It is an institute to promote research in the field of computer application, statistics, quantitative economics, and related science. The institute has many campuses but the main campus is in Baranagar, West Bengal. In addition, it has branches in Delhi, Bengaluru, Tezpur, and Chennai. It is approved by various educational bodies like UGC, NAAC, and AIU. 

Inter-Service Intelligence is also the ISI full form. It is an intelligence agency based in Pakistan. The agency headquartered in Islamabad looks after the national security of the country. Currently, Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum heads the ISI. In 2011, this intelligence agency was ranked among the top intelligence agencies in the world by International Business Times. Before ISI, Pakistan had two agencies for intelligence services, namely Intelligence Bureau and Military Intelligence. However, there was a lack of coordination among these two. So the need of establish ISI was felt. 

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