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IQ, an acronym for Intelligence Quotient, refers to measuring a person’s fluid and crystallised intelligence through a test designed to reflect a person’s life skills and cognitive skills. Fluid intelligence is reflected as the ability of problem-solving or logic, while crystallised intelligence involves a person’s knowledge, learning, and experience. 

The intelligence quotient tests may vary according to age-group. The test measures are represented in numbers. The IQ measure of intelligence is popular in the field of education and psychology. Scientists in France first created IQ tests to identify students who need extra help in academics. 

Standard tests are conducted by professionals only, even though you can take them online nowadays. Still, the research studies suggest that trained administrators are the best person who can score the IQ tests in a perfect number. The IQ tests have different groups of questions that test the person’s memory, math, visual-spatial process, language, reasoning abilities, etc. 

A score between 70–79 is considered having limited intellectual thinking. 80–89 scores have below-average intelligence. 90–110 scores have average intelligence. 111–120 scores have above average intelligence. 

Above 121 scores is considered gifted intelligence, and above 130 scores is regarded as a genius. Data shows that only around 2% of the world population has a score lower than 69 and higher than 120. 

The intelligence quotient score is not the whole story about anyone’s life. Sometimes, an average IQ person thrives in life, whereas the genius found difficulty blending with other groups

For example, an Irish boy named Ainan Cawley has an IQ of 263. At the age of nine, Ainan was taking a third-year chemistry course at Singapore Polytechnic.

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