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Introspection Meaning

Introspection meaning is important to know because it is a term that is being used in everyday situations now and again. If you want to know more about introspection meaning, keep reading. 

Introspection can be defined as the examination of a person’s conscious feelings and thoughts. Generally offers access to a person’s mental state which is not mediated by other sources of knowledge. In short, it can be said that introspection is basically looking inwards at a person’s own mental state and deciphering what they have in mind at the time. 

Introspection is an important part of learning about oneself on a psychological as well as emotional level. It is essentially like holding a mental mirror against oneself and taking a good long look at it. Introspection has been used since ancient times in Jain and Hindu traditions where people used to practice pratikraman (in Jain tradition) and as part of meditation (as prescribed by the Advaita Vedanta). It is an important psychological tool that transcends medical science and debts into the field of metaphysics. The use of introspection has been criticized by several authors over the course of many years but it is still considered a valid way of critical thinking about oneself and coming up with solutions for it.

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