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International Model United Nations

The idea behind the International Model United Nations is to bring about a better, more elaborate understanding of the United Nations and how it functions as a peacekeeping organization. It promotes the idea of world peace and educates the participants about world issues through diplomacy and cooperation. 

The students gather in groups of various sizes, ranging from 15 to more than a thousand based on the population of that country just like in the United Nations. More than 160 Model United Nations sessions are held all across the world involving over a hundred thousand students each year. 

As mentioned earlier, the goal of the International Model United Nations is to create an enjoyable and fun learning experience for the students who want to learn about the intricate working of the United Nations Organization. It educates them in what we call international diplomacy through the processes of dialogue, debate, and negotiation. Simulations of these diplomatic processes might seem like a pointless exercise because they are being done by and for students, but it is more than just an exercise. The youth today are the adults of tomorrow, and teaching them about the workings of diplomacy only become more and more relevant in recent times with tensions rising between nations like never before. The International Model United Nations aims towards creating well-informed, civilized responsible citizens who will take up the task of ensuring that every country makes decisions that are politically, socially, and economically responsible. 

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