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Interdisciplinary is a study that combines two or more academic disciplines into one. For example, a research project is an excellent example of interdisciplinary studies. In this form of study, a candidate needs to create something new by thinking outside the box. 

Interdisciplinary combines knowledge from various disciplines. It may have references from other fields like sociology, anthropology, psychology, and economics. The term interdisciplinary is used in education and training pedagogies. This term was coined to describe studies that use methods and insights from other disciplines. 


Some prominent examples of interdisciplinary studies are:

  • Travel and vacation are a theme for cross-curricular interdisciplinary instruction. For example, students may learn about the geography of various travel and vacation spots. In addition, they may know the historic importance of such places. All these domains can be covered in social studies. Likewise, in business studies, learners can discuss the tourism potential of such places. 
  • Food can also serve as a theme for interdisciplinary studies. Psychologists and sociologists can take food as a theme to understand how various cultures differ from each other based on their food preferences. Likewise, anthropologists can understand the effects of culture and food on human beings. Economists can use food as a topic to understand the effects of price, demand, supply, and inflation on food items. 

These studies enhance thinking as it leads to the creation of new ideas. Moreover, it allows people to give a new perspective to every other topic. Understanding the same topic from a different perspective can develop thinking abilities. 

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