Inter School Competition

Inter School Competition

Inter School competition is one of the most famous events for the students in school. Inter school competition is a event where the students of two or more than two schools compete with each other in different competitions. Interschool is a term used to signify an event occurring between two or more schools. It is mostly used to refer to a sport or creative tournament between different schools in India.  Interschool events can include schools from the same district, city, state, or country. There are students who represent their school for different activities. These representatives can be individual students or a group of students as well. Such events have various competitions that are very exciting for the students. One school is chosen as a venue for the competition and the students of all the other schools arrive at that venue. There are numerous inter school competitions and some of them are-

1- Debate Competitions

2- Dance Competitions

3- Singing Competitions

4- Sports Competitions

5- Storytelling Competitions

6- GK Quiz Competitions

7- Creative Writing Competition

8- Calligraphy Competition

9- Rangoli Competition

10- Cooking competition, etc.


1- Are there any prizes for the inter school competition winners?

Answer- Yes, there are monetary as well as non-monetary prizes for the inter school competition winners.

2- Are such competitions worth participating in?

Answer- Yes, participating in any type of events or competitions do provide students with a wide range of exposure, learning, and growth opportunities.

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