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Intellectual Meaning

Intellectual meaning

Intellectual meaning is a person engaged in research critical thinking and reflection on the reality of society and proposes solutions for the problems it faces. An intellectual comes from the world of being a creator or mediator and participates in politics either as a means of defending a proposition and in justice generally by either producing or extending an ideology or rejecting it completely as well as by defending a system of values.

The function of an intellectual is to give a reflective perspective on society. On the assumption that intellectuals create ideas, these ideas can be used in a critical way that can be used in new changes with the same. One type of intellectual contribution that emojis as a passionate questioning of the present in favor of the future. In favor of completely fulfilled utopias, they are responsible for warning about the dangers with respect to totalitarianism and related violence.

Intellectuals can be artists, philosophers, social scientists, writers, academicians, clergymen, etc. whose capacity for critical reflection and expert knowledge substantiate their status within their respective fields. They are distinguished from the realm of production that constitutes manual workers which are done on the basis of the fact that intellectuals fundamentally behave differently compared to workers in types of social transition. 

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