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Instructional Design

Instructional design refers to the development and creation of instructional materials. The education sector is a dynamic industry, and every time there are revisions or changes in the learning materials. However, these changes are not as simple as changing a few chapters of the textbooks. To cope up with such changes, the entire learning process needs to be changed. To help the education industry with such changes, the role of instructional designers has come in. Instructional design considers how students are going to learn and what all skills they need to acquire to have a competitive advantage. Moreover, it also considers what learning materials and other resources will help them achieve their academic goals. 

Responsibilities of Instructional Designers

Instructional designers require a vast skill sets to understand the changes in the curriculum and the learning process. They need to understand how the changes in the learning process will affect students. Considering all these factors, the roles and responsibilities of an instructional designer are:

  • Design instructional management systems
  • Evaluate new e-learning materials and find the faults
  • Create educational videos, podcasts, and other resources for better learning environment
  • Revamp new and established learning models to help teachers and students
  • Implement feedback from program reviews 

To become an instructional designer, an individual must have a master’s degree in education in learning design and technology. This degree helps them understand what they need to do to be proactive in this field. Moreover, the degree also helps students learn to design effective learning materials that can adjust to the needs of student groups. 

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