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Information Society

An information society is a type of hypothetical society where the creation, distribution, usage, manipulation, and integration of information is a vital activity in society. The main drivers of an information society are information and communication technologies that have resulted in rapid information growth and is also changing all aspects of social organization, which include economy, health, education, government, levels of democracy, and warfare. The people who are able to partake in this form of society are sometimes called either computer users or even digital citizens, who can be aptly defined as people who use the Internet regularly and effectively. This is one of the many dozen internet terms that have been used to identify to suggest that humans are entering a new and different phase of society.

Some of the markers of this steady change could be cultural, economic, occupational, technological, spatial, or a combination of all of these. An information society can be seen as a successor to an industrial society. Some of the other closely related concepts are:

  • Post-industrial society (post-fordism)
  • Post-modern society
  • Computer society
  • Knowledge society
  • Telematic society
  • Postmodern society
  • Information Revolution and Information Age,
  • Network society (Manuel Castells)
  • Liquid modernity.

That being said, there is not really a universally accepted standard concept of what exactly can be defined as an information society and what is not to be included in the term, so it is more or less loosely to describe all the above terms. 

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