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Informal Letter Format

Informal letters are personal letters written to friends or family to let them know about what is going on in your life and to send your regards. The informal letter format is the easiest to memorize and does not take much time to learn. The tone of an informal letter is very casual and personal. There is no hard and fast rule about writing informal letters. You can write literally anything about what you want to convey. 

The Informal Letter Format

Unlike a formal letter, informal letters do not need to say something specific. They can be written in a conversational style and are generally in the nature of a friendly chat. Therefore they can include a variety of topics. Given below is the informal letter format:

Address and Date: Begin it with the address of the sender. Modern letter writing standards state that the address is to be written on the left-hand side of the paper. The address is followed by the date. The date is important because it would help the receiver know when you had written the letter and sent it. You can write the date in the DD/MM/YYYY format or ‘DD’th of Month, Year’ format. 

Salutation: When writing to friends and family, address them by their names with qualifying terms as prefixes such as Dear, My dear, Dearest, etc. You can even address them by their pet names or by their relationship with you, it really doesn’t matter. 

Introduction and Body: Use a short introduction to set the tone of the letter. You can start by enquiring about the health and well-being of the receiver of the letter. Then state the reason behind sending the letter and elaborate as much as you want. 

Conclusion: End the informal letter in a positive and hopeful tone and frame it in such a way that the recipient feels like they have been chatting with you. See to that you make sure you let them know that you would be awaiting their response to your letter.

Signature: End with ‘Yours affectionately, Your loving friend, With love, Yours lovingly, etc., followed by your name. 

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