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Informal Education

Informal education is known as the education that is not shared in the formal educational setup like a school or college. When an individual learns or understands a new concept without the help of any teacher or teaching professional. There is no set space where the learning of the students happen. It can also be known as self paced learning. Here a few ways in which informal education or informal learning can happen-

1- Group studies or learning from friends can also be considered as a source of informal learning.

2- Watching videos is another amazing way of informal education. In the 21st century, an individual can find videos and information on and almost every topic.

3- Reading blogs and articles can also add on to the knowledge of the students or learners. It can also be called as informal education.

4- For auditory learners, listening to podcasts is an excellent example of informal learning. It’s become a popular alternate learning method in recent years. Podcasts, like videos, began as a medium for entertainment, where artists could express their ideas and opinions on a certain issue.

These are a few ways of enhancing informal learning.

Thank you and happy learning!

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