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Industrial Visit

Industrial visit is a part of the college curriculum and holds a special place in the professional career of students. It is a standard process in engineering and MBA courses where students get insight into real-world problems. Students understand the internal working of an organization through an industrial visit. 

Theoretical knowledge is not enough to make a remarkable career in any field. Students need practical knowledge to understand how the real world works and what skills they need to be a part of an active workplace. They can learn better in industrial visits through interactions, working methods, and employment practices. 

Students can learn the practical aspects of marketing, production, labor relations, and other activities in various industries. 

Benefits of industrial visits for students 

The benefits of this activity are:

  • Provides practical perspectives to students
  • Exposes students to current work practices
  • Provides an opportunity to understand the industrial practices and interact with industry experts

It is a tactical method of providing practical experiences to students. Schools and student groups can set up an industrial visit to understand how employees work in an actual setup. 

How to plan an industrial visit?

To plan a visit, schools or colleges need to define the need of conducting such visits. Moreover, they must understand the interests of their students. Then the administrators can contact industry experts and companies to organize a visit to an industry. School administrators or student leadership groups can write letters to the companies and ask for permission before conducting the visit. 

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