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Indian Academy of Science

Indian Academy of Science

The Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore is also known as the Indian Academy of Science. It was founded by none other than legendary Nobel Laureate Sir C V Raman in the year 1934. It was registered as a Society on the 27th of April 1934 with the objective of promoting the progress of as well as upholding the cause of science. 

The Academy began functioning with just sixty-five Founding Fellows, the formal inauguration taking place at the Indian Institute of Science. On the same day as founding the institution, its first general meeting of Fellows was held in the afternoon hours, during which Sir C V Raman was elected the first President of the Indian Academy of Science and the draft resolution of the Academy was adopted.

Again, in the same month, the first issue of the earliest publication of the Academy was published in 1934. From the very beginning of the Academy, it has taken great interest and has taken great initiative in publishing scientific research. Today it publishes ten science journals in different disciplines, papers are peer-reviewed, uses an online submission and review management system that can be tracked easily,  and published content is made available online and open access.

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