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Index Page

An index page is a page in a book where all the information that will be relayed in that book is systematically organized and arranged into a single page. Index pages are provided at the beginning of the page and have all the topics and subtopics within the book laid out in order. 

An index page makes a book or piece of online media easier to navigate in general. An index provides a map of the content of a book or piece of information. It does this by identifying key themes and ideas, grouping concepts that seem similar, cross-referencing information, and making use of clear formatting. A good index will:

  • Always be arranged in the alphabetical order
  • Include as much page accuracy as possible which leads to better use for information on a topic
  • Avoid listing each and every use of a word or phrase
  • Be consistent when it comes to similar topics
  • Use sub-categories for breaking up long blocks of page numbers
  • Use italics for publications and Acts
  • Cross-reference information to point to other headings of interest or preferred terms

A good index page can be the difference between people referring to a report frequently and one whose shelf life is increased.  If there is no proper index, it is important to at least have a good table of contents.
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