Inculcation – Meaning

Inculcation Meaning – The act of imparting knowledge or values in someone, usually through repetition. Inculcation is the practice of imparting or impressing ideas on someone. To inculcate is to instill or impress an idea on someone. Inculcation is a type of teaching in which teachers repeat material to students in the hopes that it will stick. Parents use inculcation to teach their children values such as “Don’t lie” and “Have bravery.”

Value-based education is a concept that encompasses some important social, moral, ethical, cultural, and spiritual ideals among children. It aids their overall development and maturation into complete human beings.

In the inculcation technique, kids are assumed to be passive learners. Students are expected to listen to the teacher’s directions, answer the questions, and change their behaviour. They must act in accordance with pre-determined limits.

Educators can inculcate moral values in students by – Being their role model, sharing moral experiences, helping them practice their learning, acknowledge good behavior, communicate clearly and effectively, intelligent use of media, and gratitude and honesty.

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