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Implicit Curriculum

Implicit curriculum is something that is unacknowledged by students. Implicit means hidden so implicit curriculum refers to hidden curriculum. It means lessons taken from teacher’s attitudes and the school environment by students. This learning can be both unconscious or conscious. For example, a teacher’s desk is kept in the front of the classroom signifying his or her authority and positions him or her as the center of the class attention. It can also refer to how educational institutions reflect larger social rules. In this curriculum, students are expected to conform to and learn while in school. It includes the unwritten rules, values, and normative patterns of behavior that should be followed by students. Students learn values, perspectives, and lessons at school. The formal curriculum includes lessons, courses, and learning activities students participate in as well as the knowledge and skills educators intentionally teach to students. It is called implicit because generally it is not acknowledged or examined by students, teachers, and wider communities. The implicit curriculum in any given school includes an enormous variety of potential intellectual, social, cultural, and environmental factors

Nowadays it is more acknowledged comparatively than the older times. But still, it is something which generally no one talks about in schools. It is something which doesn’t need to be changed. Students need to learn these lessons.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology