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IIET is an Indian registered instructional society and an International Accreditation Certified Education and Training Network Center that has been working for the poor for the past 9 years and has established more than 600 Training Network Centers in India. IIET was founded by a group of skillfully certified social workers from renowned organizations, who were instructed by local people with genuine interest and duty to help people of diverse religions, languages, and especially those who were out of luck. It has courses like Computer Software and Hardware courses, Teaching Skill Development Courses, Beauty and Health Care Courses, Foreign Language Courses, and government and corporate project and activity preparation. IIET is committed to providing high-quality training and innovation across a broad range of increasingly well-known courses. There are various delivery options including mail, the Internet, video, CDROM, and excellent classroom-based courses in select locations around India. The focuses are directed and provide the adolescent with high-quality, need-based training and preparation. IIET has partnered with well-known organizations in India and overseas to offer government and corporate training programs. The understudies are very much settled in independent work; the majority of the understudies are in key positions serving the business. IIET has grown to be a major training system with over 2000 qualified individuals. 

Teachmint offers scalable Integrated School Platform to educational organizations. With the help of this system, institutes can take care of their processes from a single platform. For example, they can use the erp software for schools to streamline the enrollment process. Likewise, the lms portal offers a customized teaching-learning experience to teachers and students.

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology